ADINS fireproof

ADINS fireproof is used to obtain a ceramificable layer in polymer systems with halogen free (metal hydroxides or intumescent) flame retardant in  fire conditions.

ADINS fireproof is a functional additive based on a natural silicate doped with phosphate-based species which introduces a smart fireproofing in different systems.

ADINS fireproof improves the integrity of the material providing a very stable, consistent and compact char layer.  ADINS fireproof contributes to reduce the heat release and dripping and, as a consequence, the fire propagation. ADINS fireproof is suitable for plastics and resins matrices with high requirements under fire conditions.



ADINS fireproof is suitable to be used as ceramificable additive in the following applications:

  • Wires and Cables (low and medium voltage cables, communication cables and cables with high requirements like emergency, alarm or safety cables).
  • Electric Enclosures (enclosures of consumer and information technology equipment such as televisions, desktop or notebook computers or house-hold appliances)
  • Paints and Coatings (fireproof gel-coats, fireproof resin-based paints).
  • Tools and Structures (fire resistant structures, system boxes, emergency boxes and tools).
  • Construction (plastic based wall panels, skylights/dormers, resin floors). Insulation (Fireproof foams).

The dosage of ADINS fireproof depends on the application, system, flame retardant additives and the desired effects.


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