ADINS clay series

ADINS clay series are additives based on organically modified special silicates for polymers.

ADINS clay series are composed of several grades, particularly developed for the best performance in every polymer system. There are specially designed to be used in thermoplastics or thermoset, providing adequate properties such as flame retardancy, gas barrier or reinforcement.

ADINS clay series improve the cellular structure in extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) reducing the thermal conductivity.



ADINS clay series are used in several applications for thermoplastics and thermoset polymers and paints and coating.

ADINS clay series act as a synergistic additive in halogen-free systems with different flame retardants (i.e. ATH, MDH, intumescent). ADINS clay enhances the performance of fire retardants which allows to reduce its content, maintaining the flame retardancy behavior, improving processability and mechanical properties. ADINS clay reduces fumes formation and helps the dispersion of flame retardants in the polymer.

Polystyrene masterbatch based on ADINS clay series are used in the formulation of XPS foam to improve the thermal insulation properties of a XPS foam or reduce the thickness required but maintaining the thermal insulation. The ADINS clay series allow to reduce the content of the flame retardants (halogen or halongen-free) used in the foam reducing the environment impact

The dosage of ADINS clay series depends on the number of factors (application, system, other additives and the desired effects) and a typical range of use is 1-5 wt%.


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